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Create an experience that leaves you amazed. With over 35 years of expertise in top-class Grand Prix hospitality, GP Experiences takes your sports and entertainment VIP services to the highest level possible. Our wide repertoire includes everything from extravagant hospitality right at the heart of the circuit to unimaginably luxurious hotels and unique experiences that will fill your days with excitement. We can accommodate excellent Formula 1 travel packages for individuals, small and large groups as well as for businesses; our greatly skilled team aspire to exceed your expectations from the moment you leave home until you depart from the event venue.

Premium hospitality choices

Discover our featured Formula 1 VIP Packages filled with unique hospitality possibilities. Browse through our Hospitality options for a taste of the world’s best hotels, luxurious transfers and extravagant terraces. Get inspired to have the time of your life alongside the F1 elite with official Paddock Club packages and Amber Lounge parties. If you against all odds can’t find what you dream about, contact us for a tailor-made event itinerary that you will remember for a lifetime.

  • formula-one-hospitality
    Formula One Hospitality
    Experience every Formula 1 Grand Prix uniquely and exclusively: our Grand Prix hospitality goes the extra mile to make your weekend even more memorable. spark your excitement with our many VIP alternatives.
  • Red Bull Racing Hospitality
    Red Bull Racing Hospitality
    Get close to the team. Get close to the action. With Red Bull Racing, you will have the F1 time of your life with an unique touch.
  • amber-lounge
    Amber Lounge
    The ultimate jet-set F1 after party. Discover the unforgettable and reserve a spot among the stars now.
  • the-official-formula-one-paddock-club
    The Official Formula One Paddock Club™
    Always flawless - the official top-class VIP offering on the market. Get your Paddock Club passes and start making memories.

Featured & Exclusive Offers

In the extraordinary world of Formula One, many VIP packages and hospitality offerings are truly exclusive and are only accessible at highly limited availability. Our featured VIP packages will take you to dream destinations with premium service all over the world: every Grand Prix has something special for its visitors to enjoy. Make sure not to miss any unique opportunities and book your best offers today.

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