Flexibility, comfortability and proximity – choosing to rent an apartment for your accommodation has many benefits. Moreover, the alternatives on our list are all stylish, modern and attractive apartments that will add a delight to your Grand Prix weekend. An aparthotel also includes professional cleaning, room service and most benefits you receive when staying at a hotel, which makes this an extremely popular accommodation choice.

With full amenities, equipped kitchen and place for plenty of friends or family, you can enjoy a relaxing time between the Formula 1 sessions in your aparthotel. You will find various apartments with everything from single to multiple bedrooms. Our selections also benefit from being located close to each circuit – something that will add extra ease to your trip. In Monaco for example, most aparthotels can be reached with a 15-minute walk or less from the track. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom this option comes with, and book your apartment today – the availability is highly limited!

Everything You Need

Staying at your own apartment during the Grand Prix is easy and comfortable. Feel like home with a fully equipped kitchen and cook your own delicious dinner after a long day at the track. Popular amenities such as Television, Wi-Fi, telephone and a full bath will be at your disposal as well. Many aparthotels even have access to a swimming pool – ensuring a pleasant and fun stay for you and your traveling company throughout the Grand Prix.

Should you have any questions about our featured Aparthotels, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist you in order to give you the perfect accommodation for your Grand Prix vacation.

Featured Events with Aparthotels

Embrace the comfortability of staying in your own apartment – aparthotels are available for several Formula One Grands Prix. Take a look at your options below, choose your desired f1 destination, and find the aparthotel that suits your needs the best. We are always at your disposal for any questions you may have.

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