Our partners

  • RS Simulation

    Created by skilled motorsport professionals, RS Simulation was born with a single mission: to help racing drivers perform at their best on the track. Using smart and cutting-edge technology, RS Simulation designed and built over a hundred virtual circuits so far, offering an immersive atmosphere in both Grand Tour & Single Seater chassis.
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  • Force One – The Luxury Experience

    Enter a world of hyper-luxury, where no desire is left unquenched, and with the turn of every – large format – silken page comes a story of prestige and opulence, that of those who seek to perpetuate excellence. Force One is published quarterly by Force One, the renowned global advertising agency of the Principality of Monaco, and features a selective distribution in the most exclusive venues of Monaco, French Riviera and Alps, flights on private jets and helicopters, prestigious luxury events etc.
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  • Foglizzo

    Since Foglizzo’s foundation in 1921, a dedication to quality has been one of the key ingredients of their success. This classy Italian brand supplies high-quality leather for everything from high-end luxury cars to world-class hotels. Offering unparalleled artisanal skills, innovate technical design and a unique ability to understand a customer’s needs, Foglizzo continues to dominate the luxury leather market.
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    Shalemar Sharbatly is a world famous artist, known for her bold designers, her specialty is painting high end luxury sports cars. From the quiet sophisticated mini’s to the loud and brash Pagani Zondas, her paint jobs are instantly recognizable around the world!


    Champagne Carbon is the official supplier of champagne for formula 1, where there is elegance and sophistication, Carbon is there. Founded and crafted in the grape fields of the south of France, known for its unique bottles, which are dressed in a thin layer of real carbon fiber, it is as cutting edge as F1 itself.
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  • Raphael Spa

    Born from the personal story of Ronit Raphael, the L.RAPHAEL brand offers the best in anti-aging and skin care. The brand offers the most effective treatments for the skin thanks to a wide range of technological equipment. L.RAPHAEL is at the cutting edge ** of anti-aging skin care. You can find his treatments in Geneva, but also in Cannes, New York, Beverly Hills or Kazakhstan.
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  • Puyricard

    Puyricard, a luxury chocolate factory, offers tours, courses and, of course, chocolates for sale. It also has an extraordinary story behind it. Puyricard offers tours of the factory and chocolate-making classes. Puyricard doesn’t just make individual chocolates: you’ll also see various limited edition delicacies, chocolate sculptures and photos of the famous choc frocks made by Puyricard and other master-chocolatiers for France’s Salons du Chocolat fashion shows. At the end there’s more tastings – so make sure you bring a good appetite.
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  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11 is looking for new discoverers. Discoverers of taste, pleasure, beauty, party, high quality ingredients. You will never discover just one thing : its original recipe, secret since the day of its creation, the same day when the man landed on the moon/ of the moon landing. Apollo 11 is the original aperitif which invites you to celebrate in a special way the extraordinary things of every day. Taste Apollo 11 in its classic version with ice or discover the contemporary mix with Tonic and Champagne. A surprising travel in fine taste.
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  • Wine Palace

    Wine Palace Monte-Carlo is dedicated to providing the best customer value, for everyone from private individuals to business and yacht owners. Through offering a comprehensive and dedicated service, including access to fine and rare wines stored in well-kept cellars, Wine Palace Monte-Carlo has established itself as Monaco’s leading wine supplier.
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