Yacht Charter

From the moment you step on board, and throughout your whole experience, you will stay amazed; a Yacht Charter at a Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious and unique hospitality experiences of any sport in the world. Your privileged position allows you to enjoy excellent race views and to appreciate the celebratory ambience of the decadent harbour, all while treated to top-of-the-line services by professional yacht hostesses and stewards.

Embrace the opportunity and book your yacht experience today: from a welcoming breakfast in the early morning to an open Champagne bar, canapés and gastronomic meals throughout the day, you will enjoy every minute of your glamorous day on board. A yacht charter package gives you a secluded space to spend valuable F1 time with your friends or clients, and the party atmosphere among the yachts is top-class as you will be among A-list celebrities and famous Formula 1 personalities. Spend your day in ultimate style!

Monaco’s Number One

The Monaco harbour is definitely the place to be during the Grand Prix. A yacht charter gives you a privileged position where you will see the cars racing by very closely through the Piscine sector, and have the beautiful view of the harbour and the glimmering ocean on your other side.

Combine all this with outstanding hospitality and the ultimate party atmosphere, and you wish you could never leave. Champagne, cocktails, wines and beers along with delicious aperitifs and well-crafted meals add yet another dimension of gourmet luxury to your experience. Select your favourite yacht in Monaco and get a memory to remember for a lifetime.

Featured Events with Yacht Charter

Although Monaco is the classic choice for your yacht Grand Prix experience, you can also find this exclusive race-watching package at other events. Abu Dhabi also offers some quite astonishingly large yachts for you to board, get amazed and spend your day in complete luxury. Find your perfect spot in the Formula 1 harbour today:

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