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Originally built in 1939 as a Mercedes-Benz test track, the Hockenheimring holds a long F1 history and has gained a strong reputation of being one of the most atmospheric races on the calendar. The Mercedes team and local German drivers excelling have contributed to a strong support for the sport, which you will hear form the fan-filled grandstands of the majestic Hockenheimring. The German Grand Prix is definitely a must-see event for any true Formula 1 enthusiast.

F1 Germany Grand Prix Info


  • Circuit: Hockenheimring

  • Closest City: Heidelberg

  • Timezone: UTC +1

  • 2019 Winner: Max Verstappen

Circuit Lenght:
Number of laps:
Race distance:
Maximum Speed:
Full Throttle:

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In case you are longing for the German Grand Prix to return, we can suggest some similar and nearby options for you to consider. The fantastic atmosphere of the German Grand Prix can be found at many other circuits, such as the Hungary Grand Prix or the classic Silverstone race in England. If you are looking for a geographically close alternative, find spectacular VIP and Hospitality tickets at the Singapore or Azerbaijan Grands Prix. We are happy to help you put together a fantastic Grand Prix vacation; fill out the form below to get in touch with one of our hospitality experts.

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